Snakes And Ladders - a rock and roll odyssey to Whitesnake. 



I am excited about the release of my new book, charting memoirs of    humble beginnings to the life of a rock star.                   

It all happens between 1963 and 1983 and I think you'll find it rather entertaining!

Released by John Blake Publishing, it's available on Amazon and the usual outlets. 


  Here are a few original tracks from the recent Ali Maas & Micky Moody ' Out Of The Dark ' concert, 

  captured by Graham Hutton. Featuring Roy Parsons, Micah Moody and Stuart Dixon.


We are pleased to announce that the official date for the release of the first Maas & Moody album Black And Chrome is August 12th 2016.


It's released on the Armadillo label and is available in cd format as well as downloads.


Recorded in Bath and London, it contains 11 original songs which reflect their shared admiration for blues, soul, Americana, swampy rhythms and captivating melodies.


Please see Gigs page for forthcoming shows. Maas & Moody will be joined on stage by Micky Moody Jr. on drums, Roy Parsons on bass and Stuart Dixon on guitar. 




MM, Ali Maas, Micky Jr, Roy Parsons and Stuart Dixon at the HRH Blues Festival, O2 Sheffield, April 17th 2016, performing originals and favourites for the splendid crowd!

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